The main team of Italianforawhile

Our odyssey:
from the world back home

We were once students seeking adventure abroad. Now, our mission is to share our insights, offer guidance, and turn your dreams of studying abroad into a reality.

More than a study abroad program

Our mission is not only to offer a simple study aborad experience. We want to give everybody the chance to become “Italian for a while”, a unique adventure into the most authentic Italian lifestyle.
The main team of Italianforawhile
The main team of Italianforawhile

A compass for your experience

Having ventured abroad for studies, we've gathered invaluable experiences that shaped our lives.

Now, we've come together to pay it forward.

Whether you dream of exploring a new culture, expanding your horizons, or challenging your perspectives, we’re here to guide you!

What’s our story?

Discover the path we followed, from the development of a software for language schools to the creation of programs for international students.


Developing of a management software for language schools.


Developing our vision and welcoming our first students to Italy.


Developing and bettering the study abroad systems and programs.


Joining both Testbusters EDU-Tech Group and the Gap Year Association

What do we believe in?

Every day, we set to work keeping in mind our key values that have guided us since the day we were born.


We foster the exchange of experiences, creating meaningful connections that enrich life.


We celebrate diversity and offer experiences that allow immersion in local culture and traditions.


We work to break down linguistic, cultural, and social barriers, providing inclusive experiences.


We believe that every journey is an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

What about our team?

Meet the team that will support you in organizing every aspect of your brand new transformative journey to Italy.
Brian Viola, Founcer and CEO of Italianforawhile


Founder & CEO
Annetta Ferreri, Director of Operation at Italianforawhile


Director of operations
Erica Faccaro, Digital Marketing Specialist at Italianforawhile


Digital marketing specialist