Learn Italian in Italy

Experience Italy like never before: zoom through Italian lessons, connect with locals, and soak up authentic experiences from lively piazzas to secret spots.
Group of students watching Florence at sunset during an IFA academic program

Why a sprint program?


Maximize your exposure to Italian language, culture, and lifestyle and achieve a significant level of cultural immersion in just a few weeks.

Why a sprint program?


Pack numerous experiences into a short timeframe and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with discovery and unforgettable moments.

Why a sprint program?


Choose a timeframe that aligns with your personal commitments and tailor your cultural immersion to fit your specific needs.

Learn Italian in a group

Our varied course options offer you the perfect balance between learning Italian and exploring the country’s culture.


20 lessons per week

An effective program focusing on everyday communication and vocabulary to help students feel more confident with their skills.

Perfect for students looking to balance classes with cultural activities.


30 lessons per week

A more comprehensive study plan to help students delve deeper into grammar structures, vocabulary and speech.

Perfect for students looking to further enhance their language skills.

Where can you learn?

Explore our captivating destinations, from the movie-famous cities to hidden and rural gems. What city will you choose?