Plan your gap year

Our admission process is made to learn more about you as so that we can help you create a gap experience that meets all your goals and necessities.


The very first step to take to craft you gap experience!

Step 1: Complete the enrollment form
Don't worry, it is not binding in any way. We need it to provide you with all the information you need based on your age and your goals: it is our starting point.
Step 2: Check your email in box

Read the catalogue you've received and explore the programs, destinations and fees. Be it a year, a semester or a shorter period, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect program for you!
It is essential that you have a comprehensive overview of the experience before proceeding: take your time to explore IFA, join the community, find us on social media (@italianforawhile), and read everything we send you via email after the enrollment form.

Step 3: Attend a webinar info session
Attend one of our informative webinar to learn more about the programs and get detailed insights into what to expect, the benefits, and how it can shape your future. These session also provide you with the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have!
Step 4: Listen to the experience of a previous student
Learn how the enrollment and admission process work directly from one of our students to get a better grasp on what will attend you!
Additional considerations for high school students
Talk to your support network (family, friends, academic advisors, school couselors, and trusted mentors) about your wish to take a gap year. Make sure to consider your college application and deferral options!
Additional considerations for college students
Talk to your support network about your wish to take a gap year and make sure meet with your academic advisor to understand your options. Also, talk to your professors to understand if you langauge course in Italy can be recognised by the faculty!


Let’s understand together if a gap experience is the right fit for you!

Step 1: Connect with an IFA counselor

Schedule a one-on-one call with the counselors to discuss your interests and any concern you may have.
Don't worry, our consultations are ALWAYS FREE.
This personalized session ensures all your queries are addressed and helps you make an informed decision about your gap experience!

Step 2: Craft the perfect program for you
Together with the counselor, define the program and destination that best align with your goals and dreams. In this way your gap year experience will be tailored to your personal aspirations!
Step 3: Review your custom program
Check again your destination and program and discuss any need or concern with your counselor. In this phase, you'll also explore accommodation options and the installment plan to ensure all logistical details are covered.
Step 4: Complete the enrollment in the program
Work with your counselor to discuss remaining enrollment details and complete the enrollment form to finalize the admission!
Step 5: Submit your deposit
The deposit for a gap year program is generally 30%, but it can vary greatly based on your departure date (how far in advance we organize your trip), duration, and city. Before any confirmation, your IFA counselor will propose a complete installment plan to make the payment for your experience as comfortable as possible for you.
At this point, to get an estimate of the cost of your experience, complete the form in step 1 to receive a comprehensive overview based on the type of experience you are looking for!


All you need to know before hopping on the plane!

Step 1: Join an onboarding call

Organize an onboarding call with your counselor to discuss the next steps and get all the necessary information and guidance to finally get started on your gap experience

Step 2: Check your passport and get your visa
Ensure you have a valid passport (valid for at least six months after your scheduled return) and, if needed, renew it. Make also sure to start the visa process on time, and contact your counselor should you need any advice or assistance.
Step 3: Participate in the online community
Attend live meetings to prepare for your new life in Italy. This is a great opportunity to connect with others who will be joining you, ask questions, and start building your community before you even arrive! Join now!

Are you ready to start planning your gap experience?