What to pack for study abroad in Italy? A full checklist

July 1, 2022

A language trip, much like any other journey, requires some level of organization. For seasoned travelers, the process of booking flights, packing, and navigating check-ins is second nature. However, if you're new to international travel, here are some valuable tips for efficiently packing your suitcase.

Take your time when packing your suitcase

There might be instances where you're pressed for time and can't contemplate your packing choices before departure and it's really common to underestimate the time required for packing. Remember the suitcase packing game from school? It's advisable to create a checklist beforehand, noting down all the essentials like clothing and accessories that you absolutely must bring. And don't forget to start the last load of laundry on time!

Prioritize checking your baggage regulations and sizes before anything else, especially when booking a flight on the provider's website or consider the type of suitcase you'll need for a train journey. If you plan to use public transport in Italy, a robust trolley with a hard case and reliable wheels can be quite advantageous. Why, you ask? Italian old towns, with their romantic but uneven cobblestone streets, make a sturdy suitcase a necessity!

Also remember, less is more! Trains can be crowded, and traveling with large suitcases may not always be ideal. For the backpackers among you, this issue is likely already settled.


Essential documents such as your passport, boarding pass, train tickets, and confirmation from the language school are paramount. While many documents can now be conveniently presented on a smartphone, it's still wise to have printed copies on hand in case your phone battery runs out or you face difficulties accessing your email folder. Having a copy of everything, especially of your passport, can be advantageous in case of loss or unforeseen circumstances.


Selecting the appropriate wardrobe for a trip can be a challenge. It's always advisable to pack a diverse range of clothing. Especially, when visiting Italy, it's essential to consider the context and choose outfits accordingly, keeping in mind the country's reputation for fashion and style. While you don't need to prepare for a fashion show, including more elegant pieces like shirts, skirts, dresses, or blouses can add versatility to your suitcase. You might even want to bring along heels and a favorite handbag for evening outings!

For casual settings like the beach, park, lake, or mountains, opt for loose and comfortable attire. When attending language school, a casual-smart look is appropriate, and for city tours, consider a small backpack and sneakers for optimal comfort. A crucial tip: avoid the fashion faux pas of wearing white socks with sandals!

Additionally, let us give you a few tips on what you should not be wearing in Italy:

  • Tank tops, flip-flops, or short skirts during church visits;
  • Torn jeans or belly-baring tops at the language school;
  • Flip-flops in the city or at a stylish restaurant.
Girl packing for her travel to Italy


Remember to include your phone and camera charging cables in your packing list. Given that not all charging stations function flawlessly, also carrying a power bank can be beneficial for those times when your battery runs low. And if you plan to enjoy your favorite Italian songs during a leisurely train journey or enhance your listening skills with an engaging Italian podcast during your stay, don't overlook the importance of packing your headphones!

Hygiene products and medicines

While you may find everything you need at your destination, it's wise to carry a compact travel set containing essentials like plasters or crucial medications. Additionally, consider bringing your favorite personal hygiene items—such as travel-sized shower gel, shampoo, cream, and toothpaste—with you.

What about the language school?

Language schools typically offer a variety of learning materials, and the didactic essentials are often provided. However, if you can't part with your favorite pen, consider bringing a pencil case, notebook, and, if needed, a pocket dictionary.

And, last but not least, don't forget to reserve some space in your suitcase for a few souvenirs on the way back! You might want to delight your loved ones at home with a thoughtful keepsake.

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