Donovan in Florence - A journey into Italy’s artistic heart

July 5, 2024

Italy, with its rich history and vibrant culture, has always called to me. Its many historical wonders, mixed with the modern energy and the slow pace of life compared to the US, were irresistible. And as an aspiring writer and designer, I also yearned to immerse myself in the artistic legacy of the Italian Renaissance, making Florence a natural choice. 

Transitioning to life in Italy had its challenges, and settling in took a few months. Thankfully, the team at Italianforawhile handled every step and helped me navigate the whole process. Now, finally settled in Florence, I’m more eager than ever to explore this artistic haven, meet the creative minds here, and uncover all the hidden gems unique to this city.

Florence is a real paradise for artists. You can find renowned art schools like Accademia Nemo and The International School of Comics everywhere. And not only do they offer exceptional programs in traditional and modern mediums, they also provide opportunities to connect with renowned artists and potential collaborators.

Aside from focusing on my art, one of my favorite pastimes is exploring the various piazzas to get lost in the frequent pop-up markets and find all kinds of hidden treasures. You never know what you can find: fresh produce, unique keepsakes, and antiques are only a few of them. As for food, there’s an endless supply of traditional Italian cuisine, from pasta to the traditional “schiacciata” flatbread. Everything is fresh and always at the tips of your fingers!

Donovan's coffe cup with a people taking a break in a piazza in the background

And when the city feels too crowded, quick getaways are easy. Florence's location makes it perfect for trips to Bologna, Cinque Terre, or even further south to Rome or Naples.

I have to say that Florence is more than a destination; if you share a passion for the arts, history, or the beauty of life, it really is a city you cannot miss!

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