How to save money during your language trip?

July 6, 2022

Are concerns about the cost holding you back from embarking on a language trip or an extended stay in Italy? Managing finances during a journey abroad can indeed be challenging, but fear not. We've compiled nine tips to help you keep your expenses in check without sacrificing the essence of your experience.

Leverage your knowledge of Italian

Speaking Italian can be advantageous. Establishing connections with locals can lead to cost-saving opportunities, such as securing a more reasonable taxi fare or obtaining services like apartment rentals at a lower rate. What’s more, a knowledge of Italian is useful to explore the city and to get suggestions about eateries and restaurants with better value for money.

Be selective with services

Instead of opting for expensive taxis or guided tours, inquire about alternative transportation options at information counters. Prioritize spending on services that truly enhance your experience and consider skipping certain tours to allocate funds wisely.

Dine strategically

While exploring the culinary wonders of Italy is enticing, eating out every night can strain your budget. Explore local pubs, bars, and affordable restaurants for an authentic yet budget-friendly culinary experience. Also, consider cooking meals at home or organizing a cooking evening with friends to further economize!

A girl cooking at home while in Italy to save money

Negotiate for better deals

Negotiate prices when possible, whether it's negotiating directly with private apartment owners on platforms like Airbnb or haggling at markets and stalls. This can often result in significant savings.

Exercise patience before purchasing

Temptations abound in Italian boutiques and souvenir shops, but exercising patience is key. Engage in window shopping, wait for seasonal discounts, and only purchase items that are genuinely needed, avoiding impulsive buying.

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