Italian course in Italy: useful tips for your adventure

May 9, 2022

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy, explore its rich culture, and master the Italian language? Enrolling in an Italian course in Italy is the perfect gateway to an unforgettable experience. Find out the steps to kickstart your language journey and explore the wonders of this vibrant country.

How to enroll in an Italian course in Italy?

Registering for a language course is simpler than you might think. Follow these easy steps to embark on your Italian journey!

  1. Choose your ideal city: select from our diverse range of cities, including Florence, Milan, Venice, Rome, Lucca, Genoa, Cefalù, and Sestri Levante;
  2. Pick the right course for you: explore our course offerings and choose between intensive individual courses or interactive group sessions;
  3. Explore course details and accommodation options: delve into the details of each course, including information about course specifics and prices. Opt for different types of accommodation or choose to not include an accommodation if you already have arrangements;
  4. Secure payment: log in with your details and provide payment information through our secure payment system. Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation email with all necessary details.

Why buy directly from us?

Italianforawhile guarantees course dates, level-specific courses, and prices in collaboration with the best national language institutes in Italy. All our partner schools are certified by the Italian Ministry of Education, ensuring qualified teachers and adherence to European standards.

How to get to Italy?

Some language schools offer transfer services from airports or train stations, while others don't. If not included, consider public transport options like trains or taxis.

  • Trains: purchase tickets at stations or online through Opt for Intercity or express trains for a more comfortable experience.
  • Buses: regular buses operate frequently, and tickets are available in Tabacchi shops or bars. Confirm your intention to board by signaling with your hand. Find all useful informations on the following websites: CheckMyBus, Omio, FlixBus
  • Taxis: taxis are generally available at airports. In smaller towns, pre-booking may be advisable. Discuss fares with the driver beforehand, and ensure you have cash.

How to pay in Italy?

Most shops and bars accept credit cards, primarily VISA and MasterCard, for payments over 10 euros. Ensure you explicitly express your preference for card payment when requesting the bill.

Woman paying with a card in Italy

How does health insurance work?

Language schools typically do not provide health insurance coverage. Before your departure, it's therefore crucial to check with your insurance carrier for coverage details throughout Europe and understand the benefits applicable in Italy. 

Italy's public health system, funded through taxes, offers basic medical care free of charge to the entire population. However, co-payments are common in practice. 

General practitioners handle outpatient basic care, usually without the need for prior appointments. In case of acute medical issues, the emergency service of state hospitals, known as "Pronto Soccorso," is responsible. To consult a specialist, a referral from a general practitioner or another specialist associated with the SSN is required.

Remember that private doctors are not obligated to accept the European Health Insurance Card. In certain circumstances, however, you may apply to the German health insurance fund for partial coverage of treatment costs. Since private doctors can be quickly accessible in emergencies, it is recommended for travelers to have travel health insurance for added protection.

Continuous support and community

Do you have questions or are in need of suggestions? Reach out to or connect through our social media channels for assistance. Italianforawhile guarantees support throughout your stay and welcomes you to join our community of like-minded travelers.‍

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