Italianforawhile: should I dare?

April 1, 2022

Have you always harbored the desire to explore the world and immerse yourself in a new language and culture? If so, embarking on a language trip to Italy might be the perfect fit for you, especially if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

  • You've never visited Italy and are craving sun, beach, new friendships, and an unforgettable holiday filled with cool activities and group outings;
  • Your school in your home country teaches Italian, but you feel that your language skills aren't progressing as desired, and you lack authentic contact with the country and its people;
  • You're studying Italian at university and wish to spend more time in Italy to enhance fluency or overcome inhibitions in speaking;
  • Whether working or studying, you’re actively or passively engaged with Italy and Italian clients in your country;
  • You aspire to broaden your horizons, make new connections, and delve into Italian culture, art, history, cuisine, and more;
  • You've always wanted to understand what Italians are saying, captivated by the language's sound, facial expressions, and gestures;
  • You frequently vacation in Italy and desire to confidently order your pasta and coffee in Italian or seek directions and information in the local language.

These were just some of the reasons that inspired me to study Italian in Austria and, during my studies, venture to Italy to work as an au pair. Overcoming initial cultural shocks and language barriers, I seamlessly integrated into Italian life, spending time with my host family and making friends. Moreover, attending language schools further enriched my language skills and social connections. 

If you're debating a stay abroad, my advice is simple: just do it! Whether for a week-long break or a beginner's course, the experience will leave a lasting impact and add value to your CV.

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