How does a stay abroad program enrich your personality?

August 10, 2022

Stay abroad programs have been proven to enhance one's personality, a fact supported by numerous studies. This experience, indeed, not only contributes to increased life satisfaction and reduced stress levels but also exposes individuals to new stimuli. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for self-discovery and a fresh perspective on one's own culture.

Research conducted by Rice University, Columbia University, and the University of North Carolina suggests that the duration of the stay, rather than the number of countries visited, is the key factor. The findings, featured in the journal "Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes," emphasize the impact of extended stays abroad. While a more extended stay is recommended for a deeper cultural immersion, be it during university programs or through job-seeking abroad, even shorter stays can lead to language proficiency and open doors to various opportunities. Even if one opportunity is missed, a new one inevitably arises.

Building Resilience and Confidence

Engaging with individuals who have lived in vastly different cultures, such as Asia or South America, reveals a sense of emotional stability and resilience. A stay abroad program, indeed, fosters confidence, exposing individuals to situations they must navigate alone, often in a foreign language. This experience helps you develop assertiveness, intercultural competence, perseverance, patience, and communication skills.

Overcoming shyness

For those inclined to shyness, a stay abroad becomes a necessity. Interaction with locals, communication in diverse contexts, and problem-solving in unfamiliar situations are inherent to the experience. The ability to make quicker decisions, take calculated risks, and enhance self-confidence are additional benefits.

In conclusion, the overwhelmingly positive effects of living abroad have the potential to transform and enrich one's life. Embrace the opportunity to "become Italian for a while," if only for a short period, and witness the lasting positive impact on your personal growth.

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