Adults learning Italian in Italy: Language, travel, culture

July 25, 2022

Have you ever thought about enrolling in an Italian course in Italy for individuals aged 50 and above? Questions like the ideal age for immersive travel and learning experiences, concerns about being too old, and the prospect of finding like-minded travel companions might be crossing your mind. Fret not! Italian language courses tailored for seniors are gaining immense popularity!

Learning Italian in Italy as an adult? Yes please!

Let’s start with a very common question: what’s the best age to learn a foreign language? Research indicates that younger people have a natural advantage in mastering pronunciation, though this varies among individuals. Factors such as migration backgrounds in families demonstrate that children often become almost bilingual in a new country, adapting to the national language effortlessly while parents and grandparents often face more difficulties learning the new language. Is it due to age, school education, cognitive aspects, or something else entirely? 

Typically, it is believed that children up to six years old have the greatest potential for acquiring native language proficiency and refining pronunciation and grammar in a language. They exhibit extreme flexibility in learning a language, driven by a need for communication, all within a practical and playful context and this is why many people wish to have grown up bilingual or multilingual. However, contrary to common belief, there is no age restriction on acquiring new skills, including language proficiency. At any age, one can benefit from adult Italian courses in Italy and cultural programs, although differences exist compared to language learning in childhood. 

A group of adults learning Italian in Italy

Essential factors for adult Italian courses

Several essential factors come into play when we talk about learning Italian in Italy as an adult. Let's delve into them!

  1. Motivation: older people often have a clear understanding of why they wish to learn a language, whether for travel, relocation, or personal and professional growth. Having a defined goal enhances motivation for language learning.
  2. Life experience: seniors bring a wealth of life experience to language courses, providing an optimal framework for grasping grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Their extensive knowledge and their life experiences allow them to anticipate linguistic situations and necessary vocabulary effectively.
  3. Making connections: people with prior experience in learning foreign languages can easily make connections, recognize similarities, and understand differences between languages. This reflective and theoretical approach to language learning is more pronounced in older learners.
  4. Time factor: retirees benefit from the luxury of time, a valuable resource for language learning. Without the constraints of a hectic work schedule or family responsibilities, they can dedicate more time to repeating and reinforcing what they've learned.
  5. Social contacts: language courses facilitate intellectual and intercultural exchanges with fellow learners, residents, and teachers. This enriching experience extends beyond language learning, fostering connections and knowledge-sharing.
  6. Immersive environment: learning a language in the country where it is spoken enhances the learning process. Older learners, though potentially facing challenges in pronunciation, benefit from daily exposure to the language's phonetics, breaking away from routine and broadening their horizons.

Given these factors, there has been a significant surge in language courses catering to participants aged 50 and above who share a passion for travel and culture. In response to this demand, IFA has committed to providing language trips for individuals aged 50 and above, creating an ideal environment for optimizing language skills.

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