Learning Italian online… or in Italy?

August 22, 2022

Many of our students are actively engaged in learning Italian within their home countries. Whether through language courses at institutes, university programs, or secondary schools, the question often arises: is traveling to Italy a necessity, or can language proficiency be sufficiently deepened through local and online courses?

5 reason to learn Italian in Italy

Deciding how to pursue Italian language learning is a significant choice. For those already engaged in Italian learning online within their home country, the allure of Italy beckons, offering unique advantages that go beyond the confines of a classroom.

Refining pronunciation

While online Italian courses offer opportunities to practice pronunciation, being in Italy provides a unique advantage. Surrounded by the beautiful Italian language, your exposure will help you imitate speech melody and accent. Interaction with various native accents and regional variants will enhance your overall linguistic experience and you might also start talking with the accent of the region you’ll live in!

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Venturing to Italy breaks the monotony of familiar teachers and teaching methods. Engaging with local Italian instructors who teach grammar purely in Italian will surely provide an exciting departure from the familiar. Immerse yourself in Italian culture through firsthand experiences, moving beyond theoretical knowledge found in books!

Cultural immersion and networking

Language courses in your home country may lack diversity, featuring classmates with similar backgrounds. Opting for an intercultural language course in Italy exposes you to international classmates, providing you with diverse perspectives and cultural references. Imagine conversing with classmates from China, Russia, Portugal, Spain, France, and England—all communicating exclusively in Italian!

Turning theory into practice

Traditional textbooks often teach Italian culture theoretically. However, being in Italy transforms theoretical knowledge into tangible experiences. Stand before iconic landmarks, taste authentic Neapolitan pizza, and observe Italians in their daily lives! This first hand exposure effectively unites language learning with a genuine understanding of Italian culture.

The ultimate advantage

Ultimately, the unparalleled benefit lies in learning Italian in Italy. This immersive approach ensures a holistic language and cultural experience that surpasses what local courses can offer!

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